Cloud Servers

Utilizing the very latest technologies, our on demand cloud servers are built from the ground up with both stability & performance as our primary goals. All of our cloud servers are self managed by default so that you can choose which operating system that you wish to install & manage the entire server like you were sitting in the same room as it.

Fast to rollout

No upfront costs

No hardware costs

Easy to scale up

Robust & fast network

High availability

High security

Easy management

Cost effective

Instant activation!

Online in minutes!!

100% Network SLA

No contracts

100% Intel CPU's

Fast SSD Storage

Full root admin access

DIY control panel

Choose your own OS

Create your own server

Destroy your own server

Start your own server

Stop your own server

Restart your own server

Create snapshots

Delete snapshots

Restore snapshots

Create rDNS records

Edit rDNS records

Delete rDNS records

View usage graphs